SEO Devon – Improve Your Local Search Results

I am an experienced, talented, hands on SEO professional offering an affordable, effective service to local businesses to improve their online presence.

For many years I worked as a search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant in Devon with a leading search marketing agency based in Exeter.  I advised and helped clients throughtout the UK achieve “organic” results for very generic (and valuable) keywords and phrases for products and services. During the aquisition of the company to become a part of the largest digital marketing agency in Europe, the SEO services fulfilled by the Exeter office was “streamlined” and located elsewhere…

I chose to remain in Devon and have continued to keep up to date with the latest SEO developemnts and relevant digital marketing industry news and techniques. I am now enjoying working at a local level with organisations and businesses in Devon who are unlikely to have broad generic target phrases.  Instead they want to attract visitors and customers who are searching for products and services available nearby.

Local SEO – Be found Online

Who wants to get search queries answered with local results from Devon?

Holiday makers visiting Devon, newcomers to the area, business travellers and of course locals will all search for goods and services in Devon using desktop computers, laptops, mobile smart phones and tablets.

Professional SEO Service in Devon

In order to perform well online and be found in search results most businesses will benefit from the advice offered by an experienced, professional SEO consultant who will look at the existing online properties and suggest ways to maximise their impact to promote your business as well as exploring new, valuable resources to extend your reach.

To boost local search I use an appropriate mix of local search signals through Google+ Business Places, review portals (eg Tripadvisor),  relevant business directories, citations and generating smart links to augment your local search performance.

Affordable SEO

By calling on my services you can benefit from the search marketing skills, knowledge and experience offered by digital marketing agencies in Devon at a much reduced cost. I keep up to date with industry trends and am confident that I can deliver a much improved online presence within a reasonable budget helping smaller businesses in Devon to compete online using proven local SEO methods.

Local SEO involves optimising your Web presence for local search engine ranking.

Note that I specifically use the words “Web presence” versus “Website” because local search results are increasing driven by Google’s emphasis on “blended” search engine results, which incorporates a number of non-website characteristics, including user reviews and business information into Google search results.

Google Carousel holiday cottage Dartmoor

Google Business Listing – Maps and Google+

In some instances, Google will display a Place listing’s reviews, photo, and name only — with the reviews getting top billing.

pub restaurants near bovey tracey

This means that if you want your listing to perform well in the Google local search carousel (see above) or “stack”, you’ll need to complete your listing to a high standard and begin to attract customer reviews.

I have successfully managed and optimised many Google business accounts and I can suggest various ways to get genuine, honest reviews that will support your local search results.

Mobile Search

In order to be found in Google in a mobile search it is essential that your website is acknowledged by Google as mobile friendly. Currently this is noted in the search results (see image below) and it is likely that non-mobile friendly webpages will be excluded from the results altogether.

A key part of my work is to build in search engine performance, especially at a local level, from the ground up when updating and creating new mobile friendly websites.

mobile friendly website search result

Get Phone Calls From Search

A recent industry study revealed that Google claim 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results – SOURCE

In recognition of this a prominent “tap to call” button at the top of each page is helpful – see image below

mobile call now

A word of warning….SEO is a professional occupation, DIY SEO often results in being penalised by Google and online failure.